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About The Studio

The Studio

We encourage your creative journey with lessons and events using various artistic mediums. Watercolor, acrylic painting and fluid art are offered. Don't be surprised, however, if we throw in additional mediums that Michelle is having some fun with. That's what it's all about anyway - experimenting, developing and finding joy along the way!

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We are conveniently located on Main Street in Troy, was originally built in the mid 1800's. The space was lovingly restored and renovated by Michelle, her husband, and her children to embody the messages of welcome and self-expression Michelle hopes to spread in the world through this venture. 

The Artist

Michelle Blade is a longtime member of the Troy community, having relocated with her husband from downstate 30 years ago. After simultaneous careers raising five children and managing safety operations at a local construction company, The Studio is Michelle's retirement gift to herself and the community.


Michelle's artistic talents have made appearances throughout her life and have been expressed in many mediums; as a teenager in the 70's, her flair and unique style led to some highly personalized bell-bottom jeans! She has continued to reimagine clothes through a long involvement with the Troy High School Drama program as Head of Costume Design. Drawing on skills and techniques learned from her late father, a carpenter, she enjoys restoring and repurposing furniture, and often has a furniture piece or two in use at the Studio.


Despite these other joys, her truest love has been painting, and while her artistic journey has incorporated many styles and types of paint, watercolor remains her preferred medium. Passionate about art for everyone, Michelle enjoys teaching learners of all ages how to express themselves and gain confidence in their artistic abilities.


In addition to her work at The Studio, Michelle and her husband James are founding members of the Troy Community Theatre organization and are actively involved in supporting local Troy businesses. 

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